Fashion Centre or Mobile Centre?

There never has been a shortage of Mobile Phone stores at Fairview Pointe-Claire. All of the major carriers as well as their sub-brands have stores and/or kiosques here.  There is also Bell owned La Source, Glentel owned La Cabine Telephonique, Black’s Photo and Apple as well as the big Best Buy store accesed from the parking lot. Well the crowd is getting bigger.

Glentel just opened its first Wireless Wave/Wave Sans-Fil store in Quebec at Fairview Pointe-Claire, it also has a kiosque at Place Rosemere. There are about 120 Wireless Wave locations across canada and the Fairview store sells wireless devices from Rogers, Bell, Fido, Solo Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Chatr.

Just one floor down Best Buy Mobile is in the process of installing it’s first ever shopping centre kiosque in North America. The slick looking installation will sell devices from Telus, Bell, Rogers, Fido, Koodoo, Virgin Mobile and Chatr. The kiosque should be open in early December.

You can buy mobile phones at no less than 15 of the 200 stores at Fairview Pointe-Claire. A clear indicator that the Mobile Phone business is doing well despite..or perhaps because of..the high cost of wireless plans in Canada.

I expect it will only be a matter of time before the new mobile players join the crowd at Fairview Pointe-Claire. What do you think?

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