Bell TV Remote PVR worth a look

About a year ago Bell TV launched it’s Remote PVR application for PC and iPod with little fanfare. Remote PVR allows you remotely access 9241 and 9242 HD PVR Plus receivers. Bell then proceeded to completely ignore this potentially interesting upgrades and the server was often down or at best unreliable and slow. A month or so ago I noticed the server reliability and speed had improved considerably to the point I could use it whenever I wanted. Take a look.

This is a great allows full remote control of your PVR, you can consult the guide which unlike the guides available online, shows all Bell TV programming including Pay-Per-View and On Demand shows.

Remote PVR also enables you to schedule programs to record and you can also manage your list of timers and recorded items. How often have you been away from home and realized you forgot to record the big game or that must see program you love. Now with only a couple of clicks the recording is set.

Still despite the improved service Remote PVR was only available as a web application for the PC or the iPhone and the web application didn’t play well with mobile browsers. Then out of the blue Bell quietly released an Android version tied in with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Even more quietly an iPad version turned up in the app store. Unfortunately it is not working on my iPad right now, I presume it is an issue with iOS 4.2.1 which I hope Bell will fix quickly.

This is a terrific application that I use a lot..I suggest you give it a try if you have a Bell 9242 or 9242 PVR.

Down the road we can only hope Bell will follow the lead of US Satellite carrier Dish Network from whom Bell obtains it’s receivers. Dish Network has an TV Everywhere app that provides full remote access to all the programming on the PVR. It sells a receiver that contains the necessary Sling software or it sells a Sling Adapter for it’s earlier HD PVR receivers that are equivalent to Bell’s current models. One can only hope Bell TV will follow suit soon. It might be a real selling point for its Samsung Galaxy Tab.

What do you think.

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One Response to Bell TV Remote PVR worth a look

  1. Steven Bely says:

    Just a heads for for users that want to run bell remote pvr, if you are running win 7, make sure you allow network to receive data from your bell pvr, otherwise you will not see my bell pvr tab, also you made need to reset connection on bell unit, select menu, and follow prompts. once all that is done, you are good to go…great free service…

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