Some of you may remember the popular TechTalk segment I produced for CTV Montreal from 1998 to 2007. I find that I miss sharing my particular spin on the latest in Home Tech so here I am with a new blog.

Expect to read about the latest in tech toys with a particular emphasis on stuff that is actually available in Montreal.

I hope to spend a lot of time with you and please feel free to offer suggestions and ideas. This video will give a good outline of my background.


5 Responses to About

  1. Ian Murray says:

    Hi bob

    Nice to see you and it looks like I might even learn something about The PC world.
    I am a confirmed Mac person, so I hope you won’t leave us out in your blog.
    I wish I had your aptitude in the computer world. I still stumble along and find
    I spend more and more time reading on the net. It is never too late to learn more
    about the world.

    as you say “cheers”

    • bobbenedetti says:

      Thanks for visiting. I will keep Mac users like yourself in mind as I look for topics to write about.

      • william kenwood says:

        it is regarding the 50th anniversary of ctv. My dad’s company was Kenwoods moving and storage I don’t remeber the exact dates but I remeber it was in the sixtys through the seventies he transported the CFCF MOBILE UNIT around the city, he was William Frank Kenwood also a spitfire pilot prisoner war
        hero he died at 82 but legacy lives on at Mcmasters university as a case study if you Google him .

  2. Hello Bob,

    Nice to meet you at the train station today, just tried that Wi-Fi in the train while reviewing your blog a bit. I love you approach on things and a great blog you got there. I’m sure this is helping a lot of people to get a glimps at what’s available out there.

    I hope I could also have more spare time to try all of these little toys out there, so tks for doing it for us. At least, we can now concentrate on the ones that are worth taking time for. 😉

    Best of luck with the blog and see you in the cloud or in the train!



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