Apple copies from Android for iOS5

Apple showed of the next operating system for iDevices..iOS5 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. It showed off a whole bunch of new features but the most interesting is the new noticication bar..we all know the current iOS notification system is terribly intrusive.

In a direct steal from Android, the new  Notification Center collects the user’s messages in a drop-down  window from the status bar on the top. (Just like Android.) Text  messages, email, Facebook messages, phone activity, and other  notifications are displayed by swiping down from the top. Messages can  be cleared individually with an X to their side. We shouldn’t be surprised about this..take a look at this old video of Steve Jobs.

Some of the other features, a new Newstand feature that collects your  digital magazine subscriptions in the background and displays them in an  iBooks style shelf.

There’s a new camera, it gets two of the most-requested features in the history of iOS. The first is a shortcut in the lock screen to access the camera right away, so you don’t have
to unlock and then click on the Camera icon, which often makes you lose the moment.

The other one, even better, is using one of the volume button as the shutter button. Just press + and that’s it.. I really like this one.

No longer do you need a PC to set up your phone iOS  activations and updates go wireless! No longer do devices have to be  tethered to a computer so that it can be activated. And following  another cue from Android, iOS updates are now wireless as well. It’s about time!

That is only a few of what Apple says are 200 improvements in goes out to developers today (Monday) and will ship to customers this fall.  iOS5 will support all iPads, the iPhone 3GS and 4, and the third- and fourth-generation iPod touch

From: Android And Me, Gizmodo

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One Response to Apple copies from Android for iOS5

  1. Mathieu says:

    I agree, this iOS 5 is directly aims at Google OS and Google Cloud services…
    I don’t care which companies is copying the others as long as the users are getting better stuff thanks to a very competitive market…

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