Antidote to difficulties writing and speaking French

Seventeen years ago I wrote about a new product from Druide Informatique, then a small Montreal software house. The product was Antidote..a tool for people who needed to write in French and wanted to do it well. I described it as an indispensable tool that made good written french easy. To this day it is one of my favourite stories and a shining example what a small group of dedicated professionals can do. Here I am writing about Antidote again..this time Antidote Ardoise for iPad.

Antidote Ardoise contains 11 dictionaries and the same number of language guides all exquisitely designed to take advantage of the iPad screen. The dictionary search page presents options as soon as you type the first letter and once you select the word offers you a access to the 11 dictionaries from definitions to anagrams.

The definitions are clear, usage and historical context is only a press away as are examples of proper usage.

Antidote Ardoise offers 11 comprehensive giudes from spelling to grammer through history. Antidote’s guides cover all aspects of writing in French and the articles are so well presented you may find yourself flipping throught the articles as you would an interesting magazine article.

In the mood for a little fun..just shake your iPad and Antidote will pop up a menu of interesting choices..rare words, a city, country or person popped up at random. A fun way to learn new things or just explore the French language.

As I did seventeen years ago I just as highly recommend this version for anyone who writes in French or just loves the language. It is available at the App Store for $24.99. A bit steep for an iPad app I agree, but well worth the investment.

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3 Responses to Antidote to difficulties writing and speaking French

  1. About time! Someone with some information on this. You’d think considering how popular Comic Book Adaptations are nowadays, some information would actually be pretty easy to find. Apparently not. Anyway, thanks for this! I appreciate it!

  2. Is there something up with the site. It’s loading up pretty slowly for me. Someone else experiencing this?

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