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Toshiba mocks iPad

Toshiba has set up a teaser site for its upcoming Android Tablet except’ you can’t visit it from an iPad. You will see this instead. Never mind the mocking you see if you browse to the site from an iPad, … Continue reading

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Check Canada’s mood…yours too

Tetley..those are the folks that make Canada’s best selling teas have decided to map the mood of the nation minute by minute based on Facebook and Twitter feeds. And, just in case you were windering how your mood compares with … Continue reading

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OnStar anywhere

Fifteen years ago GM led the way in Car Tech by installing the OnStar system in most of its vehicles. The feature, slow to catch on at first eventually became popular and sold a lot of GM vehicles when the … Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS is coming

Nintendo will launch the 3D version of it’s enduring DS portable gaming console at Future Shop on March 27. The big question is will it sell in light of ongoing health questions? Nintendo warns on its Japanese web site that … Continue reading

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Perk up your PC or Notebook

I know, everyone wants their PC or laptop to be faster. Today everything is instant and we want our computers to be the same. By now if you think like that you have likely already upped the memory in your … Continue reading

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