First Look: HTC Flyer Tablet..

My introduction to HTC’s latest product came in the context of a presentation showing the evolution of the telephone from the beginning to the first clunky cellphones to the stylish devices of today.

Notice those early phones were purely style at all. But today we expect more panache from our smartphones. At HTC design and engineering teams work together to produce exciting and functional smartphones.

Which brings us to the Flyer, HTC’s first entry into the Android Tablet space. At 420 grams (14.8 oz) the Flyer is not the lightest and certainly not the lightest of tablets but first looks can be decieving..I found the ergonomic design of this 7″ tablet to be such that it didn’t feel fat and fact it was surprisingly comfortable in the hand. The aluminum unibody design combined with HTC signature curves and the off white back all combine to make the Flyer a good looking device

You no doubt noticed that this tablet is not running Android Honeycomb. HTC chose to go with Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a modified Sense UI. Combined with Qualcomm’s fast 1.5GHz processor was smoother, zippier and less buggy than a typical Honeycomb Tablet. It does look like a big smartphone though..HTC promises a Honeycomb upgrade down the road. One other thing that sets the flyer apart from other tablets is the stylus..oops sorry Smart Pen..

HTC has not announced a release date for Canada yet..I suspect the WiFi version will be available mid to late June and exclusive to Best Buy as it is in the US. Once that happens I will be able to provide a more in depth look at this interesting tablet.

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