I flew on Space Shuttle Endeavour…you can fly on Atlantis

It is ironic that in this 50th year of manned space flight the US manned space program is winding down with only one shuttle mission remaining. The second to last flight, STS-134 Endeavour made a picture perfect landing early this morning.

Why am I so interestee you may ask..because I or rather my picture (and 128,939 others) flew with the crew of Endeavour on the almost 15 day mission. I have a certificate to prove it.

There is still time to join me on the flight of the last Shuttle, Atlantis. All you have to do is go the the Face In Space website and register and when the flight returns you will also get a certificate suitable for framing. It’s fun and who knows it could be one of those neat things you will want to show to your grandchildren.

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