Free ringtone from children

Telus has kicked off a campaign that will see the company donating up to $50,000 to the Make Children Better Now Children’s Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the betterment of children across Canada.

The program which runs until June 15, 2011 is linked to a new Telus TV Commercial that is very different than the usual animals that are featured..this time it is a message to Telus customers to thank them for helping the Company to ‘give where we live’ and features an up-and-coming young Canadian artist. Jessica Allossery a 21 year old student from Chatham-Kent, Ontarion singing her inspirational composition Change the World.

This is where you come in..Visit for links to download the song and the ringtone. Telus will donate $5 to the Make Children Better Now Children’s Foundation for every download. You can’t lose..a new track for your collection..a free ringtone for your Telus phone and you help an important Canadian charity.

How did Telus select Jessica’s song for this project?.. It found her on YouTube.

Here is a behind the scenes video of what happened next.

So remember go to and help Telus help children across Canada.

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