How do you keep track of your workouts?

The long weekend delivered perfect weather to work in the garden and finally pleasant weather for biking. So out of winter storage came the bike and if I am going to ride for my health I should keep track of my bike rides. I hunted around the internet and as far as I am concerned the best solution is Endomondo Sports Tracker and its companion website

The Android and iPhone app tracks just about any type of exercise you can dream up. In my case I chose cycling. The GPS in the phone keeps track of your progress and gives audio feedback of your performance along the way. You can also set it to connect to devices such as heart rate or cycling cadence monitors.

Once you are done your workout is saved on the website where you can track all your workouts with a map and details including calories burned.

This is where the social aspect of Endomondo comes into play..whenever you login in with a workout your progress is reported for everyone to see and your friends can even offer encouragement..or abuse. 🙂

All in all, this is a great combination..the Android app is available in the Android Market and for the iPhone check out the Apple App Store. I use the free version..there is a pro version for $4.99 with a few more features

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  1. jota efe says: ( and the Nokia app that goes along) are also excellent.

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