Car Tech: Nissan Infiniti G37x…Great so Bluetooth hands free

The second I sat down in the Infiniti G37x AWD Sport Sedan I realized Nissan knows how to do entry level luxury. From the soft leather 11 way adjustable seats to the violet lighting and the  robust voice recognition technology that provides access to Phone, Navigation, Information Audio and help systems, I felt good about this car right off the bat.

Lets start with the sound system..AM/FM and XM Satellite Radio, CD with MP3 compatibility, USB, iPod interface all feed into the Infinti Studio on Wheels by Bose..5 full range front speakers, two 10-inch front Subwoofers, two 6.5 inch rear speakers and a 10 inch rear subwoofer provide a really impressive sound experience.

The 9Gb Music Box hard drive allows you to transfer music from the XM radio, CD,  USB drive or iPod to create your personal playlists which you can manage from the touch screen.

The Bluetooth hands free phone system needs improvement. Pairing with my HTC Desire smartphone was routine and there was no problem accessing the phonebook on my phone but, making a voice controlled phone call was just too complicated.

For starters you will notice my phonebook was sorted family name first even though it is the reverse on my phone. I couldn’t figure out how to change this very unintuitive sorting and the manual didn’t help. While the voice recognition was accurate the system always forced me to look at the screen to indicate the correct choice..not the safest system. In my opinion, a Blueooth Hands Free must also be an eyes free system..that is you should tell it who to call, the confirmation should be verbal and you should never have to take your eyes off the road. That’s how it works in my year old Nissan Rogue.

The hard drive based Navigation system makes up for the shortcomings in the phone system. THis is by far the most versatile data entry system I have seen.

On the road voice instructions and sound cues are clear and the big colour screen provides good 3d maps and lane guidance information to help you select the proper  lane approaching highway exits or interchanges.

The big colour screen can also show traffic information from the XM satellite system, weather and maintenance information.. and a rearview monitor with distance and trajectory indicators…overall a very versatile system.

The Infiniti G37x AWD Sport Sedan is an impressive car with equally impressive technlogy as you would expect from an automobile with a $51,000+ price tag. This is why I was so disappointed with the Bluetooth Hands Free system…in this price range it should at least have all the features available in a $100 device you can clip to the visor.

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