Hungry Peregrine Falcon chicks Live at U de M

Spirit and Roger, two Peregrine Falcons have been nesting on the 23rd floor of the Université de Montréal since 2009 thanks to Eve Belisle, the University of
Montreal’s peregrine falcon project leader, who discovered the high-flying falcons in the area in 2007. Ms. Belisle aided in the construction of a nesting box where the falcon family has nested since 2009  when they sucessfully raised two chicks for the first time. This year they are raising four chicks and you can watch live.

The live video comes from two cameras and supporting equipment and streaming software donated by  Texas based Viewcast. The system has allowed as many as 2000 people per day to watch life unfold in the nesting box.

“ViewCast’s contribution to the University of Montreal’s peregrine falcon monitoring initiative has enabled us to share live video of these wonderful creatures with a worldwide audience, and in so doing, promote the continued research and conservation of peregrine falcons,” said Ms. Belisle. “ViewCast’s technology makes it easy for non-broadcasting
professionals like me to apply streaming media in creative new ways, and I’m grateful to have their support.”

Check out the feed at the Spirit and Roger website. A is addictive.

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