Masterpieces from your kids’ art..Great Mother’s Day gift

This is one of those great ideas that instantly produces the reaction “Why didn’t I think of that?” PiKaSSO KiDS turns your child’s masterpieces into a real canvas masterpiece you can put on your wall.

PiKaSSO KiDS is the brainchild of award-winning graphic artist Tom Moore. “I love direct simplicity and the sense of wonder that you can only find in children’s art. Think about how difficult it can be to find art for your home,” says Moore. “This is an original canvas
print, created by someone you love. We call it art with heart.  And it’s very affordable.” Moore says that his company has had great response from both interior decorators and homeowners, who love the fact they can choose a canvas to suit any decor.

The Vancouver based company calls it Art with your child inside. Imagine how proudly you will show it off to visitors to your home. The process is do it all on line at the PiKaSSO KiDS website. Step one is to select your favourite drawings then scan, or photograph the drawings. Next you send them off to PiKaSSO KiDS by can send the originals by snail mail if you wish.

PiKaSSO KiDS’ professional artists take drawing elements then color, recompose and
create a new and totally original design. And although the elements of your child’s drawings are still recognizable, the end result looks like a modern abstract canvas masterpiece. It takes about a week to see a preview.

The price ranges form $165 to $485 depending on size and type of canvas and I think it is an absolutely fabulous Mother’s Day gift.

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