Another solid smartphone from HTC

The HTC Incredible S is a worthy sucessor to the HTC Incredible but it still preserves that little bustle on the back that marked the original incredible.

HTC says it makes the phone easier to hold but frankly I didn’t notice that much difference compared to similar phones without the bustle. Since the technical specs are identical I suggest you take a peek at my review of the Desire HD for performance info. That way I can talk about the things that set the Incredible S apart.

Let’s start with the front of the phone..look buttons.

The buttons on the bottom panel only light up when the phone is in use.

The bright 4″ SLCD screen which is a bit smaller than the 4.3″ of the Desire HD with the same 480 x 800 WVGA resolution makes the Incredible S a great Multimedia Machine great for watching my favourite podcast.

Overall I love this phone but it disappointed me in one area, wireless performance which had nothing to do with the seems to be a problem with the Bell network. This is the second new phone I have tested on the Bell network that delivered sub 2500Kbs download compared to the Desire HD on Telus which consistently delivered 5500Kbs+

Since Bell uses the same HSPA+ network as Telus I suspect Bell will eventually fix whatever is causing this performance problem but that shouldn’t stop you from buying this phone..only someone who watches a ton of streaming video would even notice the difference.

The HTC Incredible S is available exclusively at Bell Stores for $99.95 with a 3 year contract and $499.95 with no term.

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