The Royal Wedding. Of course there are apps!

The “Wedding of the Century” has spawned dozens of apps from the tacky to the sublime. I will try to stick to the middle of the road with my selection.

Let’s start with Royal Wedding 2011 by Toronto based publisher 2 for couples. I mentioned it in March and it is still one of the best

The Globe and Mail’s iPhone app is great, especially if you want the latest news, gossip and pictures. Blackberry and Android versions are also available.

Hello Magazine’s iPad app is lush with not only the latest pictures of William & Kate but is loaded with a huge collection of historical pictures going back to the Wedding of the Queen Mother and King George VI in 1923.

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad magazine is free for the weekend and it is loaded with the latest pictures, videos and interactive content of the wedding..definitely worth a look.

For Android, the folks at Darkstar have created a W & K Royal Wedding live wallpaper of rotating pictures.

I hope you enjoy this selection. Let me know what you think.

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