Car Tech: Nissan’s entry level Tech..surprisingly good

My test car was a white Nissan Juke..the cute little crossover with quirky styling and a perky 1.8l turbocharged engine.

If this is entry level Car Tech, Nissan has provided a lot of bang for your buck..Let’s start with a little panel Nissan calls lets you take command of the drive system and much more.

I have the top of the line audio system which consists of 6 upgraded speakers hooked up to a Rockford Fosgate amplifier and subwoofer. It sounds fine but the little subwoofer isn’t going to rattle the windows on this car. The Radio is AM/FM with Radio Data System(RDS) and the satellite option is XM. There is an Aux audio input for MP3 as well as a USB interface for iPod and USB memory sticks. Both inputs are awkwardly placed near the driver’s right knee. Included are steering wheel mounted controls.

The Bluetooth telephone system is top downloaded the address book from my phone in seconds and was deadly accurate interpreting my voice commands. My only complaint is it took too many steps to get to the right number in the case of a listing with multiple numbers. I would prefer a single command “Call Bob Benedetti at Home, Mobile or wherever”

The SD card based Navigation system is surprisingly good for an entry level system. Data entry is simple via the bright touch screen.

Traffic information is from XM and in my experience I haven’t found it to be as accurate as Google traffic.

On the road the display is accurate and the graphics are uncluttered and helpful the audio commands are clear and polite..this is the first nav system I have heard say please.

In addition to being polite the voice is also more cheery sounding than most..that is because it does not use text to voice to name the streets or identify the difference between an exit or a ramp and an intersection…both are left or right turns. I’d settle for less polite and more detail. The system is how quickly it picks up my wrong turn and seamlesslesly provides new instructions.

Overall this is a good system that should satify most drivers who want good functional tech without busting the bank to pay for even features a back up monitor with range markings.

This Radio/Bluetooth/Navigation package is Nissan’s entry level option offered on the Juke, Cube, Sentra, Rogue and Versa models. On the Juke it is a $2600 option which includes the upgraded Rockford Fosgate radio and Leather seats.

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