Searching for the perfect iPad 2 case..getting close!

If you recall my review of my iPad 2 I have embarked on the search for the perfect iPad 2 case. It has to be light weight, durable, attractive, protect the back of the device and if possible have the wake up abilities of the Apple Smart Cover. I found my first candidate on eBay.

The case from GGMM Bags & Cases arrived from Hong Kong exactly 15 days after I placed the order. It came in a nice easy to open plastic box and included a screen protector for good measure.

I was pleased with the light weight of the case. It seems to be well built and the micro-fibre material has a nice feel to it..soft but grippy so the iPad is not likely to slip out of my hands.

The iPad 2 fits nicely in the case and I was pleased to see the flap that rolls over behind the iPad to make sure it can’t slip out of the case.

Here we have my iPad 2 in the case..notice how thin it is. Slim and lightweight at 123 grams this case meets my requirement to protect my precious iPad 2 without adding considerably to the bulk or weight of the device.

The cover of the case contains the necessary magnets to put the iPad 2 to sleep when closed and wake it up when opening the cover a la Apple Smart Cover.

And finally like the Smart Cover the case folds up into a small wedge that serves as a stand for the iPad in Landscape mode..either upright for reading or low profile for typing. Too bad it doesn’t work in Portrait mode..but then we can’t have everything..can we?

I am very satisfied with my $54.98 including shipping the price is right. This GGMM case it is a well built nice looking case if a bit plain in dark grey.

Almost perfect…I would still love to find a high quality  real leather case that is equally thin and lightweight and also functions as a stand in both Portrait and Landscape modes. The search continues!

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