Leapfrog’s first app. Your 2 to 4 year old will love it.

Millions of kids have grown up on LeapFrog’s high-quality educational toys, learning reading, math and science through Leapster mobile games and Tag Reading System books. Well now Leapfrog has ventured into the iPhone/iPod Touch arena with its first app..and it is a dilly.

Scout’s ABC Garden features puppies Scout and Violet and is designed to teach pre-schoolers to recognize letters and the sounds they make. The app verbally instructs your child to select a letter from three displayed..a hint box is at the upper left if the verbal cues aren’t enough.

In addition to teaching letters, the app features other activities that allow your child to play games with Scout and Violet. There is also a radio that plays children’s songs and if you input your child’s name, favorite food, favorite color and favorite animal this information will be incorporated into the songs..guaranteed to delight your child.

Scout’s ABC Garden doesn’t do a heck of a lot..but what it does, in typical Leapfrog fashion it does it really well. Definitely worth $3.99 at the Apple App Store. It is designed for the iPhone and Ipod Touch but it scales up nicely in the iPad.

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