Shoot your food…count calories…there’s an app for that

Sick of counting calories the old fashioned way. Well fitness site Daily Burn has come up with an app that might help. It is called MealSnap. The idea is simple..use the camera on your iPhone or iPad 2 to take a picture of your meal..shoot it..and the MealSnap database examines the meal and tells you how many calories it contains.

Does it work? I shot all my meals yesterday in an unscientific test. For starters I was quite impressed how accurately MealSnap identified the food. Starting with breakfast, if we presume MealSnap included milk into the equation it is still high..the actual calorie count including milk is 187. Moving on to lunch, it missed the crumpets on the first try so I shot them again. This time MealSnap estimated low..the actual calorie count is 600. Finally let’s look at supper..the food was all identified correctly but the calorie count was also way low compared to the actual 589 calories.

So, in my albeit limited experience MealSnap was not very accurate but it was fun.. If you still want to give MealSnap a try, it is $2.99 at the Apple App Store

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