Need an anonymous phone number? “Mad Men” to Netflix

How often have you needed to post a phone number in a classified ad or other online posting but were reluctant to do so because of privacy concerns. Well worry no more..I have a couple of solutions for you. currently undergoing beta you can actually help shape the final product..allows you to get a link for your phone number that you can post. When someone clicks on that link..say in an ad..they will be asked for their phone number. Then will call both numbers to make the connection. The link is valid indefinitely but calls are limited to 10 minutes and the service is available in Canada and the US only.

If a temporary disposable number is more to your liking there is NotMyNumber. You buy the number for the length of time you require it to be active and how many minutes of talk time you need. This number works two ways..incoming calls are forwarded to the phone number of your can also make outgoing calls by calling your disposable number and following the prompts to call display will show your temporary number.

Now thinking back to the days before call display and when phone exchanges were names instead of number prefixes the popular TV series “Mad Men” comes to mind. How is that for a roundabout way to get to the news that Lionsgate has licensed the first four seasons of its Emmy Award-winning  series “Mad Men”  to be watched by Netflix members starting July 27, with additional seasons being added annually after they complete airing on their respective seasons on the AMC network.

This is my favorite TV drama and I am delighted to hear that Lionsgate has concluded negotiations with “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner to bring at least two more, perhaps three seasons of “Mad Men” to AMC

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