Telus Optik TV…Only in East Quebec…Pity

I couldn’t resist paraphrasing the old Red Rose Tea slogan..Telus just rolled out its Optik TV package in the areas of Quebec it serves..the Lower St. Lawrence, the Gaspé, the North Shore and the greater Quebec City region.

Using the latest version of Microsoft’s Mediaroom back end, Telus’ Optik TV is a powerful and versatile platform that allows simultaneous viewing on up to 6 TVs in the house. You can record up to four programs from any TV in the house. The PVR anywhere feature allows you to pause a program in one room and resume watching in another room

The interactive programming guide features Picture in Picture so you can browse up to 2 weeks of program schedules while keeping an eye on the program you are currently waching. Channel changing is almost instantaneous and there are apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that allow remote programming,

The Microsoft Mediaroom back end provides unprecedented flexibility..for example you can use your Xbox 360 as a set top box and you can record up to 3 programs just like the PVR. More importantly Mediaroom makes a variety of applications possible. The first to roll out is can share what you’re watching, check your profiles and status updates all without interrupting the program you are watching. Telus promises more applications to come.

Telus Optik TV is a solid IP Television  package with excellent HD image quality providing 51 HD channels, 21 in French and a total of 300 channels plus over 3000 Video on Demand titles and it is  competitively priced.

As I said at the beginning..Only in East Quebec.. you say…Pity.

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