Hands On: Really good budget headphones….at a price!

Thanks to great marketing Bose noise cancelling headphones seem to own the top end market despite prices pushing $400. Sure, they provide great performance but, I just couldn’t bring myself to think of headphones that cost more than the device to which they are connected. Bose also has a lower end of headphones that while they don’t have active noise cancelling provide excellent comfort and performance.

The Bose OE Headphones come in a nice little travel case are lightweight..due no doubt to the extensive use of plastic..and feel well built. The earcups are made of soft leather over a memory foam cup and they are very comfortable on the ear.

I was really impressed with the sound quality..good bass and solid sound across the range. Bose suggests you turn off any sound enhancements on your player and I found that to be good advice..turning on WOW for example made the bass sound muddy. I have tried most premium headphones at demonstration stations in stores and found the Bose OE to be the best mix of comfort and sound quality. Compared to some pretty good earbuds and a set of mid-range headphones I own the difference in quality is like night and day. Despite the lack of active noise suppression I found the soft earcups blocked a surprising amount of ambient noise.

I recommend the Bose OE Headphone..but now to the price..when I said budget heaphones I meant relative to other Bose products. At $219 the price is still pretty steep..I have seen Future Shop and Best Buy knock off $50 on occasion so it might be worth waiting for a sale. As well, if you find one in stock at a Dumoulin inventory sale you can probably score a really good bargain.

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3 Responses to Hands On: Really good budget headphones….at a price!

  1. Ed Lewis says:

    I looked at Bose when I was searching for a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. I ended up buying the Audio-Technica “Quiet Point” (ATH-ANC7) for about the same price from a local warehouse. I’ve used them both at home and in the air for many hours and I’m really pleased with the comfort & performance. They are foldable, over the ear type and require a small AAA battery to operate the noise reduction circuitry. The Bose are great, but the AT are as good and are worth an “audition”. I assume that they are still available in Montreal.

  2. Hien Than says:

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