iPad2 sold out quickly

When I arrived at Future Shop Pointe Claire I was pleasantly surprised to see only a short line of people waiting to buy the iPad 2.

Unlike the lineup that started at 3:30AM at the downtown store this one started at 3:30 in the afternoon and unlike downtown everyone here was going to get the iPad 2 they wanted. Step 1 was to select which model you wanted..you were issued ticket for one of the 80 or so iPads in stock at this location.

Next you had to line up at the cash and wait until 5PM to actually buy your new iPad 2. Louis Arruzzo was first in line.

A little further back in line was Stephane Letendre, this would be his first iPad..he intentionally passed on the original.

Promptly at five Louis handed over his credit card and left with the first iPad 2 sold at Future Shop Pointe-Claire.

A little over an hour later they were all gone and noone has any idea when the next batch will arrive..Apple’s online store shows an availabilty of 3 to 4 weeks.

It’s lighter and thinner than the original..it seems a little faster because of the dual core processor and it is available in white. I couldn’t resist so I picked up a white WiFi model.  I’ll be selling my original on Kijiji and I’ll have an in depth look at the iPad 2 for you in a few days.


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