Love to cook. There’s an app for that, one you can talk to

The iPad is an ideal device to use in the kitchen..that’s probably why there are so many cookbook apps. But how often have you gummed up your iPad screen trying to follow a recipe. If you are like me, probably too often. So I found a solution to that problem..It’s iCookbook..thousands of brand-name recipes with easy voice command.

For starters it is a terrific cookbook with thousands of recipes that you can search by multiple filters for example select Main Dish, French Cuisine and you will be presented with 22 choices.

You can also add your own recipes, do conversions of ingredients and download free monthly recipe collections and shop for new recipes at the iCookbook store.

So far nothing a dozen other recipe apps won’t do..but now comes the piece de resistance. Each recipe has a Prepare page that features easy to read instructions and it breaks the tasks down into simple steps..but even better, you can turn the voice command on so your iPad will listen for instructions that will allow you to move through the pages without touching the screen with sticky fingers.

Food lovers can never have enough here is a worthy one to add to your collection. It is $4.99 at the Apple App Store

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