Fun with pictures!

Ever get the feeling to dress up your pictures..perhaps you are looking for a more imaginative profile picture for FaceBook or Twitter. I found a couple of websites that let you get creative and have fun at the same time.

I have been using for some time to dress up my FaceBook profile picture. The brainchild of Alexey Ivanov and his wife, Marina Kiseleva, it started when they were dating and Marina created a picture of Alexey that looked as though it were hanging in London’s Tate Modern Gallery. From that gift came the website that allows you to manipulate your pictures and put yourself in different settings. Here is my latest.

A similar site is Russian based that offers a differnt style of template that you may find interesting. The style here is quite different than Photofunia. This is what I did.

Then there is a huge web site appropriately named This site allows you to create badges, jigsaw puzzles and art work meant to emulate the styles of Andy Warhol or David Hockney. The most popular service produces images that imitate a popular line of black-matted, motivational posters often found in office hallways. The site matches a picture with a caption and produces an image with the correct typeface. I chose to create a movie poster.

If you like the idea of creating a greeting card, making photo collages, designing new images for a Web site and tweaking personal photographs without doing much more than clicking a button then you will enjoy these websites. Give them a you can see I did.

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One Response to Fun with pictures!

  1. Ed Lewis says:

    Good article |Bob. I can see us having fun with these and sharing with the family.

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