Hands On: Comfy & Versatile Logitech Headset

In a departure from the usual, this post is a video review. Check out the Logitech Wireless Headset H760

This Video Review was shot on a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 in 720p HD

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3 Responses to Hands On: Comfy & Versatile Logitech Headset

  1. J. Muscato says:

    ** UPDATE **
    I wanted to say I managed to get 11.5hrs of wireless usage on a complete battery charge. I also read the documents closely. You can remove the battery when it dies. Just be sure to note the type of battery and go to a place like Radio Shack or Batteries Plus to get a replacement. The battery is similar to what you find in some models of cordless phones.

    This headset also works with Media Player Classic, Winamp and Jetaudio. It does not work with RealPlayer.

    In a word … WOW!!!! I got this locally because I needed the wireless set ASAP and the taxes added to price was a few pennies different from what the shipping cost would be.

    The device worked OK out of the box. FAIR WARNING!!!: When Logitech says DO NOT!! put the h760 receiver in a USB slot on the back of the computer or next to another receiver, that is EXACTLY what they mean! I tested this and got lots of interference about 20ft away and total shrieking pain at almost 30ft away. I took the single USB wireless dock I got from my Logitech wireless mouse and KB package and hooked the h760 receiver into that. I then placed that in an elevated spot between two desk shelves that are open on “at least” 3 sides (nothing else would fit in this pot!). I then tested the range again and it was flawless!

    The sound was higher quality than the clearchat pro wired set I had been using. I needed the wireless set because I have to keep standing up and moving from my desk fairly often! while testing the set, I found that I could insert the charging cable while sitting down to maintain the set and then disengage it when I had to leave the desk. This tactic works great for my needs.

    As for comfort, it weighs far less then the wired set I have. (which kept sliding off whenever I turned my head!! Two strips of duct tape fixed that!). The behind-the- head design, while not as padded as the over-the-head version is actually far more comfortable for me. The only real problem I had for comfort was finding the exact tension setting on the band. If you adjust the band when it is between the lower curve of the skull and where the neck begins, you can eliminate the “PINCHING” sensation where the phones rest on the ear itself. DO NOT let it “droop” on your lower neck. When you turn your head constantly it drags, rubs and pulls. This is a very annoying sensation. When you adjust it the other way, the headset just FLOATS! and you can turn your head all over. The headset will STAY and I tested this “vigorously”

    Similar to other posters, I had to TWEAK the sound output to preserve my hearing. This headset does have very clear and solid sound. If you want a “flagship” headset for fanatical online gaming, then I suggest you get the Logitech G35, G730 or G930. Otherwise this is a very good set for the average user and is well worth the price.

    I tested this with Teamspeak3 and aside from tweaking the sound settings to eliminate choppiness… I had no problems at all. I also didn’t need to use the sound cancel features in the teamspeak chat client. I heard funny hissing noises when those were active, but once I turned those off the headset took over and I had super clear sound.

    The h760 doesn’t have the EQ slider switch like other Logitech models. Instead it has a built-in auto-EQ (this is the best way I can describe it!). When I was switching between voice, game screen and streaming tv, the h760 flawlessly shifted to the correct EQ mode for each application of sound. I have a 7.1 surround sound system and the sound quality from the h760 was so close to what I normally hear through the 7.1 setup, that I have no cause to grumble. The h760 seems to integrate with the realtek sound board quite well.

    The only oddities I found on this product were a total lack of info about charge time and that the Logitech site is still listing the h760 as being a “pre-order” item. I had to type the model number in the search box to find it because it is not listed with the other headsets. I also noticed the swivel on the mic goes back too far and lightly brushes the neck. IMHO Logitech should correct that by making it stop once the mic is level with the band. That location is well within the auto-mute range of the mic and anything beyond that is a snagging risk. The mic is flexible, but it isn’t that flexible! Also this set will fit a small to medium sized head. If you have a large head, I suggest a G series over-the-head model instead. Those are wide enough to fit a large skull.

    As for charge time.. I managed to get about 4hrs wireless mode from the factory charge… that is pretty good out of the box for a factory charge. At about 4hrs time the power indicator started to fade a little, so I plugged in the charge cable and every thing was fine. At that time, I no longer needed to leave the desk frequently. I suggest charging the h760 for at least 3hrs before you first use it, to make certain the battery is full. REMEMBER!: With the h760 the “solid orange” battery light = fully charged! I need to test it with a total charge to see how much wireless chat time I get… optimized… I am expecting 8hrs at best. I think the helper application (read below) reduces how hard the h760 has to work to get the sound signal and this will increase battery life. There isn’t any actual documentation on this application. It just installs and gives you an “about” screen. I did notice better performance once the helper was installed.

    Quirks: when switching from cable to wireless, there is a slight drop in audio clarity. this is not saying the sound gets bad, it just isn’t as loud. there is a fix for this that isn’t listed in the documents. Just go to the logitech website, search for the headset model. then click on downloads and support. there is a HELPER application you can install for the headset. once this is done, you can switch back and forth without any drop in volume.

  2. Mark Hickey says:

    Very nice review of the new product. I liked the idea that you used it for the whole video review, not just used it for a minute. One thing that stood out was that you said as a general purpose headset but not for serious music fans. You gave the reviewer the type of person who use for this headset.

    Keep up the good work,

  3. The three different inputs are great for people with more than one console – I have both a 360 and a PS3 and didn’t want multiple headsets lying around. Turtle Beach have a multi-console option, but there were wires everywhere and it was expensive – whereas this was just … elegant. I have mine plugged into both consoles and the TV. The sound is crisp, immediate (I was expecting some lag) and the earcups block a lot of ambient noise. That has mixed benefits – my wife keeps borrowing them to wear as earmuffs when she’s working from home.

    My two suggestions to Logitech for V2.0 of this product would be to change the input button on the headset to a slider (rather than a button) to stop accidental presses and to include a longer USB charge cord. As it is, if the headphones run flat, I end up sitting 2 feet in front of the TV and feel like the kid in Poltergeist…

    That said, I love this headset. Highly recommended.

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