First Look: Do you have dead spots in your Home Wireless Network?

D-Link has just released a solution to a problem most of us face when setting up a home is the DHP-1320 Hybrid Wireless N Powerline Router.

The device is a budget level 300Mbs Wireless N router with three ethernet ports and support for the HomePlug AV standard. In other words once it is plugged in you can connect it to other devices via ethernet cable, WiFi, and for those dark spots in the house..that basement office for example…you can use a HomePlug AV device to connect to the home network.

For those who like to see specifications this is how D-Link describes the features of this first Hydrid.

  • HomePlugAV certified with up to 200Mbps throughput
  • Three-port 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet ports
  • Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) for simple push-button wireless network
  • Built-in QoS engine, which enhances Internet experience
  • Supports secure wireless encryption using WPA or WPA2
  • Supports 128-bit AES encryption for power-line network security
  • Power-line sync connection (ENY) button
  • Plug and play installation

I hope to get one shortly and provide you with a complete review.

The DHP-1320 Hybrid Wireless N Powerline Router will be available soon for a suggested price of $129 wherever D-Link products are sold.

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