Cars are getting smarter

Car manufacturers are putting their latest ideas on display at the 43rd edition of the Montreal International Auto show which opened to the public today and will be at the Palais des Congres until January 23rd.

Cabin electronics are everywhere with Ford leading the way with it’s Sync Communications and Entertainment system in all models. An example is this Fiesta that could almost pass for a small plane with the sophistication of its cabin tech.

This year Ford upped the ante in it’s Edge and Lincoln MKX by augmenting Sync with My Ford Touch, a system so sophisticated and powerful Ford dealers give a course to new buyers.

Toyota’s Youth oriented Scion line features a cool retro tech looking radio with everything you would want in a car sound system.

Luxury car manufacturers like Ferrari focus less on the nuts and bolts of the technology and concentrate on integrating it into the driving experience. The Rolls Royce Phantom features all the latest tech but discretely hidden behind an analog clock set in real wood veneer.

I will be taking a closer look at the latest in Car Tech in the coming weeks and months so keep an eye out for my reports. Please feel free to suggest models you would like me to look at. Remember I will be focusing on the tech, others are better qualified to review the cars themselves.

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