Angry Birds News. Free for iPad and 50% off for Mac & Windows

Just in case you haven’t felt like springing for the $4.99 complete game developer Rovio has come up with another way to get you addicted. Give away a free sample..the free version of Angry Birds for iPad  features 12 levels not in the original version. These levels are set in 4 mini-episodes created specifically for the free version. It also supports Game Centre as well as Leaderboards and Achievements.

So click on over to the Apple App Store to get this taste of Angry Birds so you can become addicted like the rest of us.

If you want to play Angry Birds on your Mac you can get it at the brand new Mac App Store for $4.99 which is half the regular price. The Mac version of Angry Birds features 195 levels for hours of addiction..oops gameplay. There will also be free upgrades and additional levels in the future plus unique enhancements not found in the mobile version.

You should be aware of this advisory from Rovio about the Mac version.

IMPORTANT: Angry Birds requires OpenGL 2.0, which is not supported on GMA 950 graphics adapters. The following hardware is not currently supported: MacBook1,1, MacBook2,1, Macmini1,1, Macmini2,1 and iMac MA710xx/A. We are working on a solution to support these computers.

Not to neglect Windows users, Angry Birds is available for Windows 7 and XP and designed to work on netbooks and laptops. It is also available for the same half price deal at the Intel AppUp Centre for $4.99. The whole world may as well be addicted.

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