Can I pick them..or what!

This week I stepped a bit outside my mandate which is to talk about products actually available in Montreal by looking at two products out of the thousands of new gadgets announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Both products, the Motorola ATRIX and Intel’s New Sandy Bridge processors have won Cnet’s Best of CES awards in their category. Congratulations to Intel and Motorola.

Speaking of the Motorola ATRIX, you will notice it is referred to as the Motorola ATRIX 4G in US publications. Is it a different phone? Nope, it’s a marketing game. They are referring to the upgrade to the HSPA+ standard which can deliver up to 56Mbps but is currently running at 21Mbps in most countries.

It is probably better labelled as 3.5G but, that doesn’t sound so much better than 3G so 4G it is (nowhere near the 100Mbps required by that standard). Bell Mobility is calling it simply the Motorola ATRIX and since it and the other major carriers in Canada are already using HSPA+, we will likely see them refrain from using the incorrect 4G label.

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