New Processors from Intel spectacular

I don’t often talk about the innards of our devices but  the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors released is in some ways revolutionary. Intel showed off 20 new desktop and mobile processors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today. The chip maker says these new products feature new visually stunning features built right into the chips.


  • Includes surprising and exciting new features such as, Intel® Quick Sync Video , Intel® HD Graphics, Intel® Wireless Display 2.0, and Intel® Insider™ including collaborations with CinemaNow*, Dixons Retail plc*, Hungama* Digital Media Entertainment, Image Entertainment*, Sonic Solutions*, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution*.
  • These processors offer amazing video technology. Intel® Quick Sync can convert a four- minute HD video file on a laptop to play on an iPod in only 16 seconds2, while Intel® Insider™ enables full HD movie downloading and viewing on a PC screen or beaming it from a notebook to an HDTV using Intel WiDi 2.0.
  • 20 new processors, new chipsets and new wireless chips including new Intel® Core™ i7, i5 and i3 processors, Intel® 6 Series Chipsets, and Intel® Centrino® WiFi and WiMAX adapters will power more than 500 new PC systems.

This all means that your next desktop will be more more powerful but consume less power therefore quieter, the Laptop of 2011 will be lighter and more powerful with longer battery life and your next TV will be smarter.

If you build your own computers as I do then these new chips combined with new motherboard chipsets will, for the first time in a couple of years offer improvements that make it worth it to upgrade.

Enough geek speak..this video from Intel puts in in terms we can all understand.

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