I switched browsers

I have been using Internet Explorer since IE1 was introduced in 1995. I upgraded as soon as a new version (beta or otherwise) became available. I toyed with Netscape and Opera but always came back to Internet Explorer until IE 9.

I have had the preview versions of IE9 on my desktop for several months. I got to like the bare bones look but just could not put up with the instability and compatibility issues. Too many web pages wouldn’t load or didn’t behave as they should so I rolled back to IE8. Unfortunately I had become to like the bare bones look of IE9 and 8 was just too cluttered so I decided to look at the alternatives.

I tried Apple Safari and Google Chrome and while they are both based on the WebKit engine I found Chrome quicker than Safari overall and I liked the feel of Chrome better so it has become my default browser.

I really like the minimalistic look and how I can string my favourites along the Bookmarks bar. All my favourites and saved passwords imported  from IE with no problem so the switch was pretty painless.

Some of the basics in Chrome are handled extremely intuitively. In-page searching works smoothly. Using the Ctrl-F hot key or the menu option, searching for a word or phrase will open a text entry box on the top right of the browser. It searches as you type, indicating the number of positives results and highlighting them on the page.

Account syncing is another area where Chrome excels. Using your Gmail account, Chrome will sync your themes, preferences, autofill entries, extensions, and bookmarks. Chrome is fast and copes pretty well with HTML 5. The security is good and tabbed browsing works really well. Tabs can also be rearranged by dragging and dropping.

Chrome also has an App Store called the Chrome Web Store where you can download extensions, themes and apps that function much like mobile apps. This is such a new concept that Google has prepared this introductory video.

Chrome still has a few rough edges but is overall extremely stable. I will be sticking with it for some time. What browser are you using. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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3 Responses to I switched browsers

  1. Steven Bely says:

    I use Firefox, version 3.6.13

  2. Ed says:

    I also use Firefox 3.6.13, but have also used the IE9 beta from time to time. I will be installing the Final IE9 after it’s unveiled at MIX ’11 in Vegas in April…

  3. Ed Lewis says:

    The timing is good for this article. I was thinking of making the switch to Google Chrome recently. One of my daughters uses it on her laptop and I “played” with it for awhile, to get a feel for the interface. I liked it but was concerned about the transition. It is comforting to know that I have a good chance to do this painlessly.

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