Free WiFi at YUL

Beginning January 1, 2011 Aeroports de Montreal (ADM) will provide free WiFi service at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport. The service will be available throughout the terminal in both public and restricted areas.

I tried it out last week during a test period and found it worked well. Reception was excellent in the main terminal as well as at the Westjet Gates.

The ADM announcement says each free session will be one hour in length and says if you require more time simply open a news session. It does not say if this new session will also be no charge.

Montreal is the last major airport in Canada to offer free WiFi. The trend to free airport wireless service started in December 2008 at Calgary airport.

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2 Responses to Free WiFi at YUL

  1. Daniel Mongeau says:

    Great! Now e-tickets will remain electronic; no wasted paper. I wonder if security will upgrade to accept beaming of e-tickets (or visual iPod/iPhone screen) instead of inspecting a paper boarding pass? 🙂

  2. bobbenedetti says:

    Air Canada, Westjet and CATSA now accept electronic boarding passes which are a bar code plus text details displayed on the screen of your smartphone.

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