Win Mini Muchacho Reminder

Ever since I did the original story on the Koodoo El Tabador action figures being sold to benefit Canadian Food Banks there has been a steady stream of visitors to that story. The stream has been so steady that the story is one of the most popular on the blog.

So since it is only a week before Christmas Eve I thought I would give you the opportunity to win your own El Tabador. I will give you a couple of ways to enter.

1) Go to this Facebook location and click Like. There isn’t much there yet but I plan to start developing content for it soon.

2) Follow me on Twitter then click the retweet button at the  right. [tweetmeme source=”hometechmtl”]

If you do both you will get an entry for each.

Good Luck.

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One Response to Win Mini Muchacho Reminder

  1. Allan says:

    Liked on FB & retweeted.

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