Warm touch for your smartphone

When things cool down as they do here in The Great White North smartphones and other touch devices become difficult to operate because you are forced to remove your gloves for the touch screen.

Well a Canadian company has come up with a solution. The screens on most touch devices today are capacitive and require an electrical path between your fingers and the screen which normal gloves block. The answer! Glider Gloves..they are made from a blend of synthetic thermal micro-fibers and conductive yarns. They keep your hands warm and still proivide that electrical path needed to operate the touch screen. Check our this demonstration video:

Glider Gloves are available for $19.95 + tax & shipping (single pairs ship free via Canada Post Lettermail™) at the Glider Gloves online Store.

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One Response to Warm touch for your smartphone

  1. The thermometer has a Quick response, I also use it as a room thermometer. It seems rugged enough. The 4 stars, because the battery compartment is difficult to open.

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