Hands on. Kinect for Xbox 360

Let me start off with full disclosure. I don’t play console games, I don’t own a console and game controllers make me feel inadequate. The only time I play games on a console is with my grandson and he wipes the floor with me because I can never figure out what to do with the controller.

Kinect will level the playing field for me because there is no controller..I am the controller and Kinect recognizes who I am in the case of multi-player games.

Look at that follow through as I try my hand at throwing the javelin. 6o metres, not bad for a beginner! I was better at river rafting.

My Tai Chi form needs a bit of help..notice the white lines on my arms and legs showing me I am way out of position..they turn green when you get it right. A fun way to keep in shape and this is not the only fitness game available.

No figuring out what buttons to push or how to use the toggles..game playing with Kinect is natural. Just move as you would in the real world and your moves are translated into game play. Look at this Microsoft video.

Kinect is also more than gaming..it adds a whole new dimension to Xbox 360..I have been toying with the idea of buying one to use as a media centre. Well, Kinect adds voice and gesture control to the Xbox. I could open Netflix and select a movie to watch with a voice command or a wave of the hand..pretty cool. Maybe Santa will bring me one.

Kinect is available wherever game consoles are sold and you have several purchase options.

If you already own an Xbox 360 you can purchase the Kinect Bundle which includes a copy of Kinect Adventures. It contains the River Rafting game I played. The price is $149.99


Starting from scratch, then you have two choices. There is the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle for $299.99 or the Xbox 250GB Kinect Bundle for $399.99. Personally I think the 250GB version is the better buy. There is plenty of disk space to save your games as well as movies if you would like to use it as a media centre.

Xbox 360 Kinect is going to be a hot item for Christmas and I highly recommend it.

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One Response to Hands on. Kinect for Xbox 360

  1. Ed says:

    I get the river rafting, bowling, the foot races and even the go-carts – all will help to improve flexibility and maybe even to lose a few grams – but I haven’t seen a single “shooter” game.

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