Pulse News is free!

Considering my background at Pulse News, the predecessor of CTV Montreal you had to know I couldn’t resist a newsreader named Pulse News. The fact it is the best reader I have seen makes the choice a slam dunk.

Pulse News is available for iPhone, iPad and Android and best of all it is free..yes free. Alfonso Labs the producers of Pulse recently received new venture capital so decided to make the app free. “We would like to thank our early users, who have given us both time and money to help build the product to this stage. They have given us resources to build a company dedicated to improving their news reading experience.” said Akshay Kothari, Alphonso Labs’ CEO. “Making the app free will enable more of user’s friends to join Pulse thereby improving discovery of interesting content via traditional and social channels.”

The easy to follow interface can be customized to put your favourite news feeds in the order you like and you can have up to 60 feeds on 5 pages. Finding and adding a feed to your list doesn’t require copying complicated feed addresses. All you do is enter the keyword select the feed you want and click.

Sharing news stories with your friends is a cinch. Posting to Facebook or Twitter is just a quick click and it is just as easy to send the news item as an email or send it to Instapaper.

Pulse News is a must have app for iPhone, iPad or Android. You can download it from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace..and did I say it is FREE!

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