BMW video shows it is iPhone/iPad friendly and offers DIY advice.

Earlier this week I showed you the Breffo Spider Podium, a neat, safe and inexpensive way to anchor a phone type device in your car, a spider for iPad is coming in the New Year. These devices are popular because most of us want to integrate our gadgets into our driving experience.

In this tongue in cheek video BMW suggests the lengths to which people will go to mount their favourite device in their automobile. The video concludes with the considerably more elegant BMW solution. You don’t need to drive a BMW to enjoy this video, you might even want to try some of the options!

From: iPad in

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3 Responses to BMW video shows it is iPhone/iPad friendly and offers DIY advice.

  1. Joe says:

    Dear Mr. Benedetti,
    I have been using this Ipad suction mount in my aircraft for the past six months
    and it is outstanding. If it was allowed, I would use it in my Aston-Martin DB-8.

    I use the Ipad for sectional maps & real-time GPS & terrain information. The Ipad
    allows me to check runway data & datalink satelitte weather. Don’t leave home without it.
    Have a tech-filled week-end Bob.

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