A place to ask questions

After two long reads in a row, I have a short one for you today. I stumbled across Easy Tweaks while looking for a way to do something on Facebook.

Not only did I find what I was looking for but also found a couple of useful tips, so I decided to share my find with you.

Easy Tweaks’ objective is to provide the best social networking and PC related tips and tricks. So if you have a facebook or Twitter question or your PC is giving you a pain head on over to  Easy Tweaks you might just find the answer there.

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One Response to A place to ask questions

  1. Ed says:

    This in itself was a good tip. Now that retirement is only days away, I’ll actually have time to use the Facebook account that my daughter set up for me 2 years ago. With this in mind I signed up for “Easy Tweaks” email.

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