A very friendly and helpful spider plus a freebie

On first blush you look at the Breffo Spider Podium and ask “It’s sort of a Spider in a Gumby kind of way..so?

Well this little spider is one of the most useful gadgets in my toolbox. Twist the legs around just about any handheld gadget you own and it becomes a hanger, a stand even an octopod for a camera. I often use my Android Desire Smartphone as a GPS in the car. Not often enough to install a permanent holder, but the temporary holders I have seen..and believe me I have looked at a whole bunch.. don’t work in my car because of the odd shape and placement of the vents. Spider Podium to the rescue.

Now suppose you want to use your camera as a webcam occasionally, Spider Podium is the answer again.

There are a bunch of other uses shown on Breffo’s web site and if you buy one I’ll bet you will find dozens more uses for this neat little gadget.

You can buy the Spider Podium directly from Breffo for $19.99 and unlike a lot of places their shipping costs are reasonable. Mine cost $26.82CAD delivered. It is available in Black or White. My orange one was a Halloween special.

Now thanks to the good folks at Breffo I have two black ones to give away Simple post a comment with your name and email address and I will draw for the winners next Tuesday November 16. While your at it, why not sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss of my postings.

You could also share my blog on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the appropriate buttons.  (End of shameless plug)

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2 Responses to A very friendly and helpful spider plus a freebie

  1. Ed says:

    I’ve been off line for a week and came back just in time to catch this post. I have the email notification and it works just fine as long as the computer is on…

    I feel lucky, so please put my name in the draw Bob.

  2. Allan says:

    I sure could use a ‘spider’.
    Sounds like a great gadget.

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