Hands on Samsung PX2370 LED Monitor

When my nearly 8 year old Syncmaster bit the dust, there was no question that its replacement would be another Samsung. But which model? After 8 years a lot of things have changed so it took a bit of browsing until I settled on the Syncmaster PX2370 LED backlit monitor. It is a heck of a lot thinner than my old monitor.

When I picked up the box my first surprise was how light this monitor was..it almost felt as though the box was empty. But it was in fact quite full, in addition to the slim power supply the PX23760 came with VGA and DVI cables alas, no HDMI cable so if you want to use a HDMI connection you will have to spring for a cable.

Setup was simple, plug in the power supply and the video cables..DVI and HDMI in this case. The PX2370 is limited to these two inputs and there is a 3.5mm jack and Optical audio out to connect incoming HDMI audio to external speakers..the monitor does not have speakers.

Once turned on comes the struggle of personalizing the settings..I say struggle for two reasons, the control buttons are on the back and all look and feel the same..(note the dust..living proof glossy plastic is a dust magnet) at least the On Screen Display helps locate them. The OSD itself is loaded with options but I found it somewhat counterintuitive to navigate.

Fortunately Samsung provides a utility to simplify the process. MagicTune is on the CD that comes with the Monitor which is handy except it doesn’t work with Windows Vista or Windows 7. You are referred to Samsung’s website for the version for these two Operating Systems..but where..certainly not on the downloads page of Samsung’s support site for for the PX2370. I finally resorted to Google to find it.

Once set up the PX2370 is a monitor to love..the display is fantastic..I have read complaints about the brightness..not here, I have cranked it way down and have a great colour accurate image. The 16×9 format means great looking movies in full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. The 2ms refresh rate means no streaking on fast cross screen action. The HD resolution also provides a huge amount of desktop real estate..room to keep several windows open which is a real boost to productivity.

The viewing angle leaves a bit to be desired and at first I noticed it when leaning back in my chair and thought this was going to be a bother..but now that I have the brightness and contrast set to my liking I don’t even notice it any more. The difference on lean back is quite pronounced if you like your brightness way up. Samsung provides a setting in the OSD that seems to do a good job of compensating.

This is a really green monitor, It uses 40% less power and Samsung’s Smart Sensor Technology with the  Ambient Light Sensors (ALS), automatically adjusts brightness to the ambient lighting.  The PX2370 has Energy Star 5.0 and  EPEAT Gold certification. Samsung uses a manufacturing process that eliminates toxic Volatile Organic Compounds for simpler recycling and is wrapped in less packaging materiels.

It would be nice if the screen were more adjustable and portrait mode would be nice for those long documents but overall I give the PX2370 a 9 out of 10.

If you need a new monitor, this week might be the time to get it. It is on sale at Best Buy at the great price of $299.99.

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