Healthy living..losing weight. There’s an app for that!

Millions been made selling weight reduction books, diet plans and so called healthy food. The truth is, the only way to lose weight is to eat properly, reduce your intake and exercise there are no magic bullets. It requires a lifestyle change.

When I decided to take my ballooning weight seriously, naturally I looked for ways to use my gadgets to help. I looked at dozens of web sites and tried scores of apps and none seemed to do the trick until I found This site has it all..measuring tools, ways to keep track of your intake and exercise, meal plans and online support and it’s all free.

To help control what you are eating and see how various foods impact on your weight there are numerous report options that warn you when you when you don’t meet your goals and congratulate you when you do. For those on special diets..diabetics for example, there are charts that will show you graphically the impact of that double fries on your glucose level and the difference a bit of exercise makes.

It has been proven that those who keep track of their food consumption lose more weight than those who don’t and the food tracker on is impressive. The thing I liked most about it was the inclusion of Canadian brands and fast foods in the database..most databases I found were US based, that meant a lot of label copying which tends to cut motivation.

What if you are eating out or on vacation…how do you keep track then? Well there are apps for that..for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. All the apps enable you log on to your Sparkpeople account and manage and access all the core functions of the web site. It requires a WiFi, 3G or Edge connection on your smartphone.

I have been using for a month now and it helps keep me motivated and on track to a healthier lifestyle..and I have lost 10 pounds too. I recommend it highly.

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