Twitter and Facebook apps updated

You will notice a snappier Twitter app on your Android phone after it updates the Twitter app to v. 1.05. The new version now looks and functions more like the iPhone app with Pull to Refresh and Swipe to Reveal now showing up on Android. There is also a new Tweets detail page that is the spitting image of the iPhone version. Overall Twitter has made the Android app..well..better.
And today Facebook also updated its Android and Facebook apps. In addition to a slightly cleaner look, both now support the Groups feature from the website and Places has also been improved, it now lets users do more with the check-in, such as adding a photo during the check-in as well as tagging friends afterwards.
At the news conference Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also addressed the longstanding question of a native iPad app by rejecting the idea in the near term.  The “iPad isn’t mobile,” he told the media.  Mobile Product Manager Erick Tseng  added that Apple’s tablet was part of a “new class of devices” and that Facebook’s challenge was to scale its experience upwards without locking into a particular platform.  The website was the current solution. So don’t hold your breath for Facebook for iPad.
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