Bell attracts most complaints and number portability not as easy as it was meant to be.

Billing errors topped the list of complaints to the Commissioner For Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) and more than half (51.7%) of the complaints came from users of wireless services. That represents more than double the number of complaints recieved regarding Plain old telephone service (POTS) and VOIP
In it’s annual report the CCTS said for the third year in a row44% of the complaints related to billing errors closely followed contract disputes.
Of the big three Bell garnered 1428 complaints, Telus got 657 and Rogers recieved 540 of the 3747 total complaints. In Quebec Videotron recieved 88 complaints.
The commissioner expressed concern about the rapidly growing number of contract disputes so it made the following recommendations (emphasis CCTS)
Thus we continue to strongly encourage providers to ensure that their customers are fully aware of all the details of the contract prior to entering into an agreement or making a change to their service . We also strongly recommend that providers retain a record that captures the customer’s agreement to a contract or to any change to their service
The Commissioner worried that number portability was not working the way it should. It called the system confusing overly complex and urged providers to make the process simpler for consumers. The report singled out double billing as a serious problem that must be addressed.

The current process is unfair to customers . There is no reason for a customer to have to make more than one call, or to pay two providers for the same month’s service .

We therefore strongly urge the industry to find a solution that does not require consumers to pay two providers for the same period when only one is actually providing the service .

Until the Industey comes up with a solution the Commissioner recomends that customers wishing to port their number should first determine if their current provider requires a thirty-day notice of termination. If that is the case customers should ask their new provider to future date the porting order by thirty days.

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