Free iPad engraving & nookcolor..a peek into the future?

Halloween isn’t even here yet but Apple is thinking of Christmas gift giving already. The company presumes..hopes..a new iPad will be on a lot of lists. So what better way to personalize your gift iPad? Free custom engraving and custom gift wrapping. Available only at Apple’s online store.

Normally I wouldn’t talk about the soon to be launched nookcolor from Barnes & Noble because it isn’t likely to be sold in Canada. But I think it offers an interesting look into the future. The nookcolor reads books, surfs the web, shows pictures, connects with Facebook and Twitter and Barnes & Noble says there will be apps soon. With a 7″ colour multitouch screen and the Android operating system it sure sounds like a really inexpensive tablet to me..a little cheap iPad. Take a look at CNET’s First Look video and let me know what you think. What will this do to the tablet and ebook reader market?

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One Response to Free iPad engraving & nookcolor..a peek into the future?

  1. Ed Lewis says:

    Hi Bob – I watched the video and B&N stresses the social interactivity and great colour display of this device. I’m not sure if the size is too small for viewing, but I like the compactness and portability. Avialability aside, it looks like something I’d be interested enough in to check it out further.

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