Grand opening! Free gift

Welcome to my new blog, Home Technology in Montreal. This blog will be the successor to my long running feature TechTalk that aired on CTV Montreal for many years. will be as lively and topical as was Techtalk except it will run daily instead of once every two weeks. I hope you make a habit of dropping by here on a regular basis and I will try my best to make it worth your time.

I have been running the blog on a test basis for the past two weeks, some of you may have noticed the Facebook posts. Take a look back and see what  direction I am taking and please comment and make suggestions. This is after all your blog and I want to feature the kind of things you would like to see. All suggestions are welcome.

Because this blog is just getting started I would appreciate your help spreading the word. If you like what you see pass on the address to all your friends on facebook and twitter. There are buttons in the comments section under each post to simplify that task for you. I hope you like what you see and please spread the word.

Now for the free gift.

How often have you seen a DVD movie destroyed by scratches or sticky fingers? would you like a way to protect that investment? iToolsoft has the answer.

iToolsoft DVD Ripper is a quality application that will allow you to back up those valuable DVDs to a hard drive so that you don’t lose them if the original DVD is damaged or lost. I tried out the product on a dozen DVDs and all copied quickly with no errors so I have added it to my toolbox of valuable should too.

The great news is that iToolsoft DVD Ripper is free for Mac or PC until the end of October. The company is giving away this normally $30 application in the hope that you will buy some of their other products. All you have to do is click here to visit their website and follow the instructions. Be sure do it before midnight on Halloween when the offer expires.


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