Something to keep your iPad in it’s place…

I looked at the Compass from Tewlve South at the Apple Store more than once and dismissed it as something that looked more like a drawing instrument than a stand for an iPad.

Finally frustrated with trying to keep my iPad in a comfortable position while using it while drinking a cup of coffee I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try..the guy at the Apple Store said he would take it back if I didn’t like it.

Well! I didn’t take it back because I love it. I use it for reading a book on my iPad with a cup of laying it flat on the table and living with reflections..instead a nice angle for reading and despite being only 200 grams it is sturdy enough to poke at the screen to change pages. The rubber feet keep the Compass from  sliding, even on a glass tabletop. I use it with the Apple iPad case so it should work fine with any other similar case.

Want to answer some emails? No problem, use the short back foot and the iPad is at a perfect angle for can almost touch type.

This is a gadget I use every day. It comes with a soft carrying case and is compact enough to take anywhere.

Only $39.95 at the Apple Store or online from Twelve South. While you are there take a look at some of their other neat iPad accessories.

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One Response to Something to keep your iPad in it’s place…

  1. I liked it, thanks to the author. And where is the continuation? Is that all? Mobile development it isn’t very fast.

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